Holidays in Majorca

Regardless of the season, the multifaceted island Majorca is always worth a visit!

The Spanish Mediterranean island of Majorca is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. Apart from the best-known European party beach of El Arenal the island offers much more, scenically as well as culturally.

The capital of Majorca is the City of Palma which is situated in an extensive bay in the west of the island. The well-known bay 'Bahia de Palma' reaches from Magaluf in the west to Arenal in the east. It offers a fantastic backdrop for bike tours and beach strolls along a sea of dazzling turquoise.

Driving through the Sierra Tramuntana mountain range, the biggest ridge of Majorca, is a recommendable trip off the beaches. The mountain chain reaches over 90 km from Kap Sa Mola to Kap Formentor. The rich flora and fauna and its limestone rocks make this landscape one of the most beautiful spots of the region.

In the west of the island there is Andraitx. The way to Andraitx leads through romantic fishing villages as for example Camp de Mar or Puerto de Andraitx. Once in Andraitx you should go and see the small island of Isla Dragonera which has a size of just 2.8 square kilometers. This nature reserve houses many lizards.

Right behind Andraitx there is Soller. This impressive town fascinates by its architectural variety. Stately houses line up next to each other. The historic street car invites you to a trip to the romantic fishing harbour of Port de Soller. North of Soller small and narrow streets lead up to the 'Monastery of Lluc' in Sa Calobra. From there you reach Pollenca, one of the northernmost towns of Majorca. Pollenca is considered a cultural hotspot of the island. Apart from a museum with zoological exhibits, medieval art and an exhibition of paintings you will also find the birthplace of the poet Costa i Llobera. Moreover, the harbour of Puerto de Pollenca has developed into a picturesque artist's colony. With the beaches 'Playa de Formentor' and 'Cala de San Vicente' Pollenca has two of the island's most beautiful beaches surrounding it.

East of Pollenca there is the medieval town of Alcudia. The historic city gate, churches and a Roman theatre will make you feel like on a time travel. The City of Alcudia which is situated more in the inland and the City of Lelantix which is in the eastern part of the island are well-known wine-growing districts of Majorca. North of Lelantix there is Manacor, a commercial center which offers glass ware, cultured pearls and furniture.

Apart from Palma, Porto Cristo on the eastern coast is another touristic hub of the island. There you will find the bird park 'Los Parajos', an aquarium and the georgeous dripstone cave 'Cuevas de Drach'.

The nature park 'Parque da la Albufera' marks the most beautiful landscape spot in the north of the island. This park is a paradise for cyclists as there is a 12 kilometer long cycle path leading through it.

So it's worth to explore one or the other spot of this diverse island by bike or by car. You will find gorgeous landscapes, adorable sand beaches, and nice little towns everywhere around the island.

Shortly we will start to add further information and interesting links about holidays in Majorca to this travel guide. If you have any questions or information for us we are looking forward to hearing from you!


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